Unexpected Invoices

There are a number of ways an invoice can appear that is unexpected, however, from 18 March 2019 Utopia Host started to charge for all of its packages.  If your invoice relates to this, please read the below information and take appropriate action, otherwise, if you are unsure, please raise a support ticket.

For clients who have the former "Free" package, you can do one of three things;

  1. Continue to pay monthly at $1
  2. Raise a support ticket to change this to the Annual $10 fee
  3. Raise a support ticket to change to one of the 'newer' packages.  Please state which package you would like and how often you would like to be invoiced.
  4. Request a termination through your client account (please note, any account with no active service will also be deleted - should you not with this, please add this as a note within your termination request)

Should you need an alternative date to make the payment, chat with support who will make any adjustments possible.


We have had clients inform us that their service is not used.  Under the old system, we could only close down an account if we were told it was cancelled, so various accounts may be invoiced for something that is not used.  We would like to remind everyone that it was the clients responsibility to inform us of the closure initially, however, where this is the case and an invoice is generated, simply raise a termination request by your client area and the account and service will be removed within 24 hours.

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