The popular website software, Nova, can sometimes stop sending emails through its own system.  There are some differences in opinion relating to why this is the case and Annodyne Productions are always looking into ways to resolve an issue with their product.


The most common problem that Utopia Host clients face is one that relates to the email account that they use at the initial start up of their site, Nova will utilise this email to send its messages and notifications to those it needs to, however, using a free account such as or can often have this flagged as spam and Nova's messages never get sent.

In this situation it is advisable for a client to setup their own email with Utopia Host, through their cPanel, and use this as a dedicated Nova only email.  This will rectify the problem going forward or users can change email to another free domain.  For example changing a to a instead.

Beyond that Utopia Host's servers are fully compatible with Nova and any further support should be sought by Annodyne Productions.

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