Social Volunteering

We are currently looking for passionate individuals who would like to help us build our social community and the services that we offer.  These positions are voluntary and are in no way considered a job and monies shall not be exchanged for your services, we do, however, offer some perks for your time.  Please read the positions carefully as we will only accept one individual per role.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the positions in more detail before applying, pop along to our Discord and chat to the current Dev Team or the owner, Marc.

If you are interested then please submit the easy to complete the form that you can find here.


Position: Community Moderator

Description: Responsible for moderating members within social channels and growing the community through member retention and engagement.  Moderators will also help adopt a supportive environment for member enquiries relating to third-party software or common issues.  Community Moderators will also have the power to develop activities and events within the social channels, promote the positive community and build relationships with other organisations.  Members of the Community Moderator team will liaise with other team members to build the Knowledge Base and develop additional products and services and will report directly to UH Staff.

Candidate: The ideal candidates should be social, courteous and polite and have a willingness to support the community.

Perk: 25% Discount on any paid service (Monthly or Yearly) for the duration of your tenure.

Positions Open : 3


Position: Knowledge Base Agent

Description: Responsible for updating Knowledge Base entries for Utopia Host on common and useful subjects to Utopia Host clients and community members.  Successful applicants will liaise with community members and members of the Utopia Team to create useful and easy to follow articles and instructions to be added to the WHMCS Knowledge Base area, including walkthroughs for services and issues, developing a FAQ section for common questions.  They will also work with the Development Team to create guides/walkthroughs or relevant articles on new features or products.

Candidate: Successful candidates will need excellent written communication skills for both articles writing and engaging with the community.  Be able to use WHMCS to access and update the Knowledge Base.

Perk: 25% Discount on any paid service (Monthly or Yearly) for the duration of your tenure.

Positions Open : 3


Position: Community Support

Description: Responsible for supporting clients and community members with third-party software issues, supporting moderators in developing a positive and engaging environment and using WHMCS to respond to software enquiries. Community Support will work with the other departments to identify needs and areas for development for the community and how to fulfil those needs.

Candidate: The ideal candidates will need to have knowledge around popular third-party software, such as Anodyne Productions Nova and WordPress.  Candidates must be professional with good communication skills, supportive and care about clients experience.

Perk: 40% Discount on any paid service (Monthly or Yearly) & Early Access to future offers and features for your tenure.

Positions: 2


Position: Development Team

Description: Part of a small team that will develop and trial new features and processes for Utopia Host, using experiences and knowledge from the Community to identify areas that we can improve services and be a market leader for our target audiences.

The Development Team will also be able to access the Utopia Host social media accounts to engage with stakeholders and provide updates on status’ and features etc. as well as access to Support Tickets to answer client queries depending upon pre-agreed parameters for thew Dev Team.

Candidate: Ideal candidates will need to have experience in project management, or have excellent organisational and leadership skills.  Good communication skills are required and a knowledge of server administration and coding are preferred.

Perk: 50% Discount on any paid service (Monthly or Yearly), Early Access to features developed, future offers and their website featured on Utopia Host’s primary website, for as long as your tenure.

Positions: 3


The Small Print

Perks are active for as long as you are within the role, upon the point you stop being active or are no longer within that role, your perks shall be prorated to your next billing period before they will expire.

These volunteering positions are not paid jobs and at no time will monies be exchanged for your services, there is no cash alternative to these perks and Utopia Host will not be held liable for any loss of income, directly or indirectly of these positions.

Development Team will have access to the Client Area and have the powers to answer Client Tickets, they are therefore bound by our Privacy Policy and must not be in contravention of these terms.

At any time the positions can be terminated, with or without warning.

At no point will any volunteers be considered Staff for legal reasons, but will be considered extensions of Utopia Host with the trust and responsibility expected of someone representing Utopia Host.