There are a few questions that we get asked on a regular basis, so we thought to save everyone’s time we would paraphrase them here with their answers, if you are not sure then don’t hesitate to raise a support ticket via your client area!


Q: Is your hosting free?

A: If you select the “Free” package and use the subdomain option, yes, Utopia Host is 100% free on.  We only charge if you use a Top Level Domain (TLD) such as a .com or .net etc…


Q: Who can use your site?

A: Anyone.  We are designed to cater to simulations (text simulations, or guild’s) who want to have hosting space to build their own websites.  Though we do offer premium services for a fee, but Utopia Host is not about making money.


Q: I want to set up a forum or sim management service, such as Nova, do you support this?

A: Absolutely.  All you need to do is install the software in accordance to their individual requirements (these can be found on their respective websites) and you should have no issues.


Q: I need help installing software, can you do it for me?

A: We generally do not install third party software for clients, however if you are really stuck and you are not sure then please raise a support ticket and we will see what we can do to help you out.


Q: Do you terminate websites?

A: We will contact you with our enquiry should we have no activity on your account for a period of time.  We will give you 2 weeks to respond, should you not respond then your account will be terminated.  Please ensure that you keep your personal contact details updated so that any communications we send you are not missed, also add “support @ utopia-host . com” (without ” and spaces) to your safe senders list.


Q: I believe a site is breaking its Terms of Service, what do I do?

A: Please raise a support ticket and give as much detail as possible.


Q: Can I host IRC, Proxies etc…?

A: No.  Please read the Terms of Service.  If an account is in breach of the ToS then it can be terminated at any time without notice or explanation.


Q: Do you sell SSL Certificates?

A: No.  Because the server administrator is anti-competitive and refuses to allow us to sell Third-Party SSL Certificates without incurring additional, and wants us to use their service which costs $40 per year for basics, we find that this is not a service we could offer to our clients as we don’t feel it is fair, nor competitive, to do so.  We made the decision after they ignored our complaint regarding this and refused to allow us to expand the business in this fashion.