Installing Nova

We are asked this a fair bit at Utopia Host and after checking the developers website there does not appear to be an easy guide to show people how to install Nova.

We will be doing this on a systematic basis and we will assume you have no technical knowledge whatsoever.

  1. Go to
  2. Download the style you wish to use
  3. As this is downloading, download an FTP Client – we recommend FileZilla (Client)
  4. Log into your cPanel (
  5. Use the information in your welcome email to get access
  6. Under the “Files” category click “FTP Accounts”
  7. Create your user account for your ftp client; ensure your password is strong!
  8. Where it has “Directory” ensure that yours looks exactly like the one shown in the picture
  9. Once created, and FileZilla installed, open the client and enter the relevant information to gain access.
  10. Upload all files in the Nova zip to your main directory (it should contain the cgi-bin folder)
  11. Back to your cPanel, you now want to select the MySQL Database Wizard
  12. Name your database (keep a note of the prefix_name)
  13. Click “Next Step”
  14. Create a Username (make a note of it with the prefix_username)
  15. Create a password (we recommend using the password generator – again, make a note of this)
  16. Click “Next Step”
  17. Click “All Privileges”
  18. Click “Next Step”
  19. You have now created your database – this will allow Nova to work!
  20. Your FTP Client should look like this;
  21. Once Nova has uploaded, navigate to your site (
  22. Follow the instructions on screen
  23. Enter the database information you noted down earlier
  24. If successful you should see the following screen
  25. Continue going through the screens and then select “Fresh Install”
  26. Continue through the screens, “Verify Server” and continue on
  27. “Begin Installation” ensure you press this and continue through all the screens
  28. When successful you will be prompted to enter your character information
  29. Ensure you enter all of your information here, continue through the screens and then “Go to your site”
  30. That’s it, you are done! Congratulations and happy gaming!